TRITON 2: All tests mastered! (02.07.2014)

After the flight tests, it also successfully passed the shock and load test and the Triton 2 will imminently be certified. It will get a EN C in all three sizes (LTF will follow soon). The flight tests have been done without folding or cross line. The Triton 2 is a high performance wing for experienced pilots. But they will get what they expect: the ultimate flying machine, which combines performance with certification-appropriate safety.

Sizes (all EN/LTF C tbd):
S: 80 to 100 kilogram take off weight
M: 90 to 110 (plus 5kg extended weight range)
L: 100 to 120 (plus 10kg extended weight range)

TRITON 2 High-performance with a genuine character
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300km FAI triangle (10.06.2014)

Bernhard Peßl’s 300km FAI triangle which made paragliding history

For years the best XC pilots have been looking at possible routes to fly a 300km FAI triangle. Last weekend this dream flight was done not once, but twice.

On Saturday, Bernhard Peßl flew over 300km on his Mentor3 from the Grente. It is well worth having a look at the detail of this excellent flight (XContest Link). Especially the last leg, which is very close to the terrain, looks very exciting – even when sitting in front of the computer. With this achievement, Bernhard is the convincing record holder in the EN B class.

There was only one person who was able to fly a larger FAI triangle. This amazing feat was completed by Zillertal pilot Thomas Walder on a competition wing the previous day.

Nova warmly congratulates both pilots on these cross-country milestones!

Marcell Schrittwieser joining the NOVA development team (06.05.2014)

The design and development team of NOVA is happy to announce a new addition: from now on acro pilot Marcell Schrittwieser, Austrian champion in 2009, is supporting the team around designer Philipp Medicus and lead test pilot Mario Eder. Weighing only 65kg, the 31 year old will focus on the smaller sizes. As well as passion for acro, Marcell is bringing experience of testing and cross country flying to the team. He is a sociology student living in Innsbruck and previously worked as a technical designer. He is considered an expert in unusual flights that are not geared to earning league points, but to fulfill his goals. NOVA managing director Wolfi Lechner says: "Masi has already worked with us on testing the Ion 3. In addition, he was with us when filming the 'Performance for All' clip in Monaco. Knowing that he fits really well with the team from that experience, it was a logical move to take on board when Mike Küng left us. Masi fits perfectly with NOVA."

Pink is back! 25 years NOVA (02.04.2014)
NOVA International Retro outside, ultra-modern inside: A special-edition "NOVA 25th anniversary" Mentor 3.


25 years ago NOVA was launched with its bright pink, yellow tipped home sewn CXC. A quarter of a century later, we want to celebrate our birthday in the spirit of these wild bygone days and we are releasing the Pinky - a homage to its famous forefathers with a pink sail and the legendary yellow NOVA stabilos, but which includes all our acquired knowledge of 25 years of glider design. A limited edition of 25 Mentor 3s and Ion 3s can now be ordered from your NOVA dealer. But you have to be quick! Orders must be received by April 17th (delivery date: mid to end of May) and the series is strictly limited. The early bird gets the worm!

NOVA Innovative Performance Paragliders since 1989

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Out now: The NOVEA Påråglyder (01.04.2014)

”We are revolutionising the paragliding market!” says the Tyrolean Paraglider manufacturer Nova with confidence – they are challenging the high price of wings with their new Påråglyder. It will be launched under the new brand NOVEA and is the result of close cooperation with a Swedish furniture manufacturer.

More about the revolutionary NOVEA!

"A lot more is possible in paraglider development!" (04.03.2014)

Philipp has been part of the Nova core team for five years.

A few days ago Philipp Medicus took over as the manager of the design team at NOVA. According to him, ‘performance’ is about a lot more than just glide.

We met him for an interview, you can read it here.