NameFederico Tessio Lafarga
Country Argentina 


Specialist for an oil company

NOVA Wing for this
NOVA Triton
Year of birth 1979
Flying since 2001
Other NOVA Wings you flew? NOVA Tycoon, Ra, Mamboo, Factor / 2
Successes 2006/2007: Won the Argentinean Plains Championship .
2008: Be part of the Argentinan Team in the First edition of the Panamerican competition (FAI 1).

2008 : Found Vuelo Libre Solidario.
2009: Won the Loma bola Open and the serial Class Championship (Argentina Leage)
2009: 190 km open distance.
2011: 230 km open distance.
2012: Participate in the PWC Castelo Brasil

What does paragliding
mean to you?
Paragliding is a style of life and it’s a perfect way of making new friends.
Targets for this season?XC-Flights whit friends and target is to fly 300 km in Argentina
Some flights from Federico

190 km / Cazon

170 km / Otumpa

232 km / Bragado