The small size of the IBEX 2 and thereby the high wingloading make certain demands for the pilot.

The IBEX 2 15 needs a experienced pilot, who has already gathered solid experience in turbulent conditions and also with manoeuvres like collapses. The glider is very predictable in its reactions but sometimes it requires fast and sensitive brake inputs. Therefore the pilot should already have certain "reflexes" from flying other wings. Of course the wing loading has a certain influence on the pilots requirements: If you fly the wing with less than 75kg it will be less demanding than if you fly it on top of the weight range.

The IBEX 2 17 is more damped than the IBEX 2 15. Especially for very light pilots, we think, that the glider is also suited for occasional pilots. If you fly the IBEX 2 17 on top of its weight range, you need more experience to deal with the dynamic flying behaviour.